How To Actually Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Strength Training That Increases Testosterone LevelsImagine if you could use a single trick to change a single hormone in your body and gain the benefits from this. These benefits could include gaining muscle, losing fat, dramatically improving your mood and energy levels as well as looking and feeling younger. You may also get the best sleep of your life while feeling stronger, more confident and more assertive. These benefits are some of the carrots that are dangled before people by people lurking on the internet and selling testosterone products. If you believe everything that they tell you, increase testosterone levels would be the same as grabbing a star in Super Mario. It would be easy and give you the power to do whatever you wanted

There is no surprise that increasing testosterone levels is a very hot topic. Testosterone replacement therapy is on the rise and testosterone supplements are quickly becoming a best seller. Wherever you look in the fitness and health industry, you will see another diet or fitness program that claims to optimize your hormone levels. Watch this video for more information:

What Is Testosterone?

Before you can look at increasing testosterone levels, you need to know what this is. This is a hormone which is produced in the testicles of men and the ovaries of women. It is the most important male hormone in the body and men will generally have much higher levels of the hormone than women. Testosterone influences many parts of the body including red blood cell production, bone and muscle strength, moods, energy levels and sperm production.

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels?Supplements That Increases Testosterone Levels

When you are looking at testosterone levels, it is important that you distinguish between free testosterone and testosterone. This is important because most of the testosterone in your body will be bonded to 2 proteins. These are albumin and globulin. A large percentage of the bound testosterone cannot be disconnected from the protein and will make it unavailable to the rest of the body.

It is possible for someone to have a large amount of testosterone, but still have low amounts of free testosterone. These people will generally experience the symptoms that are commonly associated with low testosterone levels. It is possible to assess these levels with a simple blood test and it can be expressed in a number of ways. The most common expressing will be in nanograms per deciliter.